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Poison Ivy Home Remedies

There are a lot of people that are surprised when they have to deal with poison ivy. They think that it will never happen to them, and then because of a situation that is out of their control, it does indeed happen to them. There are so many situations that may come across as out of your control, like an animal giving it to you, or a sudden outbreak on your property that you were not aware of. Either way, you may not be able to do much about it until the damage is already done. There is a mixture of doctors that are both for and against home remedies for this type of chemical reaction, but we though we’d give you the remedies and let you decide for yourself. Remember, if you think your case is severe enough you should always seek a medical professional’s advice.

Rubbing Alcohol on Poison IvyThis is one of the many things that people are told to do as soon as you can after exposure to the chemical of poison ivy occurs. If you are within the first 10 to 30 minutes, you may even be able to completely get rid of it. Even if you are after that mark, you can still at least stop the spreading.

Acorns Boiling acorns that are cracked are a method that some people use. It is supposed to have a dry and soothing effect that will help with the process.

Bleach This is one choice that a lot of people use in order to ward off infection, and it can keep helping with the blisters as well. You should be aware though to use bleach on Poison Ivy with extreme caution, as it can have negative results when used on skin that is not affected by the poison ivy. It should definitely be used in moderation.

Baking Soda Baking soda seems to help with just about everything, and that is the case when you are dealing with poison ivy chemical as well. It can help to keep the area dry and it can actually help to remove the liquid that may be present as well.

Dish-soap Liquid dish-soap is a great way to remove the oily parts of the skin and really keep the area clean from infection. It is great with dishes and it can also be great with the skin. There are also many soaps that will help to reduce the itch that you may have as well.

Gasoline There are extreme situations like when you are camping that may require you to use a solution that doesn’t sound that great. Gasoline, when used with caution and not near an open flame, can help to work just like rubbing alcohol as a solvent.

Oatmeal This is known as one of the most friendly treatments for Poison Ivy that you can find when it comes to most things. It can be used in a bath or a compress. It can work great with the blisters and is an integral part of most over the counter remedies.

Tea Bags A lot of people use tea bags with a bath in order to help with the blisters. There are also some teas that are going to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Vinegar There is no doubt that this is going to sting, and this is only to be used when it is diluted. It can help get rid of bacterial infection though, but you have to weigh the pros and cons.